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Who are we?

Abertawe Centre National Trust

How to join

We welcome new members to the Centre. Membership is open to persons supportive of the aims of National Trust on payment of the current annual subscription.
The Annual membership fee is £8 per person plus £4 for each additional member at the same address.

A membership application form may be downloaded from this website.

To join us contact either the Membership Secretary or the General Secretary as detailed below:

Membership Secretary -
Mr Roger Knight
8 Radyr Avenue,
Mayals, Swansea SA3 5DT.
Telephone: 01792-401019

Membership fees may be paid by cash, cheque or credit transfer on line.

General Secretary
Mrs Anne Bennett
11 Cefn Llwyn Bonymaen Swansea SA17DR Telephone 07743 926697


Chairman: Michael Simpson

Vice chairman: Barbara Davies

Treasurer: Roger Knight

Secretary: Anne Bennett

Membership Secretary: Roger Knight

Meetings secretary: Anne Thomas

Events Organiser: Michael Simpson

Committee Membership

Muriel Chamberlain
Ken Owens
Shirley Thomas
Ann Jackson
William Bennett
Bruce Lervy
Hazel Harrison

Abertawe Centre National Trust Membership Form

This website is a voluntary association to promote and prosper the work of the National Trust.